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Compassionate Leadership

Co-create mindfulness-based, emotionally intelligent workplaces.


Branding Strategy & Communications

Clearly articulate purpose and vision of mission-driven organizations.


About Us


Awake in Business brings you cutting-edge organizational development paradigms, design templates, and mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training to anchor a collaborative culture and foster peak performance. The future of work is already here and we help you envision and establish workplace culture that retains the right talent.


Our programs cultivate self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience, individual wellbeing, team cohesion, productive collaboration, and positive impact. We work closely with you to develop concrete game plans, provide long-term support, and focus on making measurable impacts in your organization. 


We offer organizational training / organizational development and program design / group facilitation / team offsites & retreats / keynote presentations / leadership coaching / communications strategy. 

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ABOUT LAURA: Laura Wells, M.B.A., brings together 15 years of consumer-packaged goods brand development, cross-functional and cross-border project management, six years of nonprofit leadership, and a longtime meditation practice to affect positive change in the business world. Positive change in the human and environmental impact of organizations as well as the development of human potential within organizations.

Laura loves to co-create workplace spaces of trust, connection, participation, and meaningful contribution. She sees that when people show up authentically and connect with each other at work, it changes the way organizations operate—and believes this will change the world from the inside-out.

Laura started her career as a brand developer and innovation manager for iconic brands including M&M’s, Palmolive, Disneyland Paris, and Dove. She led cross-functional teams to create new product bundles, developed and executed market research plans, forecasted product growth and distribution, tracked profit & loss statements, and carefully crafted insightful brand communications. In 2010, Laura converted this substantial corporate training and experience to head up marketing and communications at the not-for-profit Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (then known as NARSAD). In that role she learned to engage her heart in her work while transforming an organizational brand and working together with people incredibly dedicated to a cause.

Now Laura brings all this experience and her whole self to work. She has lived and worked in the US and Europe, speaks French and German, and is open to meeting clients wherever they may be in the world.

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